Why doesn't anyone want to date me (in high school)?

I'm a senior and I don't really think I'm very attractive but other people say that I am often. I dress casual but not sloppy and I don't usually wear makeup but when I do it s not a lot (I don't really need it because I don't have acne). I feel like I'm kinda fat but I work out a lot so I'm really muscular and have big boobs, to be honest... I'm smart and ambitious but I still know how to have fun, and I'm not opposed to having a good time. I'm pretty quiet in class (not a big talker) but if someone talks to me I'm nice to them! I'm not clingy or any other clich├ęs I can think of that guys don't like. I'm not really that interested in the concept of a relationship right now, to be honest. (I was in one once and I was treated horribly) It's been almost two years since my last relationship ended and I've only been out on two dates and nothing happened either time (it was two dates with two different people), and they just didn't work out. Also, I'm still a virgin and I'm bisexual, so that somewhat opens my dating pool I guess.


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  • So you write "I'm not really that interested in the concept of a relationship right now, to be honest"

    Then why is this even an issue for you?
    You say you don't want a relationship. Or when you say "date you" you actually mean something else than people seeing you, getting to know you in order to get into a relationship with you?


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  • Wait till the right one comes along. I wouldn't be too worried about it. People around your age tend to be a little inmature. I was single all through out highschool and I would hear other girls taking about stuff their boyfriends did, cheating, lying.., ectect. So don't lose hope! there's someone out there serching for someone like you:)


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  • your probably like me so independent and cool that its intimidating to others.


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  • you're so young! you dont need to be dating right now.

    • lol ikr my friend is 12 had he wants a gf!

    • thats crazy! way too young!

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