A guy isn't coming through properly?

A guy I didn't know too well found out I had a crush on him, through a friend. We talked about it and he said he wasn't comfortable rushing into anything with someone he didn't know well but he wanted to be friends first. So I invited him somewhere, and he forgot to reply to me for a while. When he did, he said he couldn't come due to a family thing. So then I postponed it to next week. He said he thinks he can come next weekend. When I messaged him saying, " I'll see you next week", he saw it but didn't reply. Would you be worried? Do you think he saw it and didn't reply because he's planning on flaking again or just because he saw it and he's like yeah cool.


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  • Sometimes you need to take what people say at face value, because honestly, what else can you really do? If a guy is into you, he will move a mountain to get to you. It doesn't seem like he is fully invested into you yet, but just wait until next week and see if he actually goes out with you. If he does, it still won't answer your question whether or not he's interested, but if he does flake then it should be more clear that he isn't interested. But don't despair, it's a good thing. You should be with someone who wants to be with you. Whenever it doesn't work out I just tell myself I just dodged a bullet cause I could have ended up with that person, someone who is comfortable lying, flaking, not being real with me. And you deserve someone who will fight for you and want to be with you.


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  • i dont think he's interested.


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  • You know, guys today are such cavalier pussies. When I was growing up if we found out a girl had a crush on us we were walking on air. If you didn't have a girlfriend you were some loser

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    • I totally agree with you. Todays guys do not respect women and appreaciate us. They do not explain things for better understanding and communication they just leave things unexplained, and they do not man up to confront certain issues, they rather stick their head into the sand like an ostrich.

    • Love and respect you Kitty

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