Texting a twin from Chemistry?

This guy is in my Chemistry class, a year younger and always gives me hugs, calls me cutie, and is really sweet. But his twin is also in the class. His twin flirts with me more And sits next to me so he can put his leg against mine, etc even though he has a girlfriend. I really like the shy twin so I gave him my number and he texted me a few days ago. It started off great and he said he was really tired and that he would text me tomorrow. He hasn't texted at all since then. Should I text him or would that be too needy and desperate?


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  • I don't htink you would appear to be needy or desparate if you initiated the texting at all, I mean I initiate the texting with guys and it's all just casual between us. Well, I guess it depends what you text him, if you text him something like , "Hi, so I thought you said myou would text me and you didn't!" then yes, it would creep him out. Just start the conversation off with something casual, if all esle fails, you could always just text him asking about Chemistry homework or something like that. Don't think too much about it!