Where I can find sex games to play with my partner?

I want to play "true or shot" or something like that. Which questions should I choose? Or which games do you recommend or which websites / app I can find nice content with ideas?


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  • Play blackjack. Everytime the person wins the other must take his or her part of clothes off or take a shot or something like that. Not played but heard of it.

    • oh, sounds interesting, thanks

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    • mmm, just try meeting new people. Go to the gym, join languajes lessons, mmm, you can try tinder, meetup as well and those kind of stuff. And if you want to kiss a girl, don't request her permission. If she likes she will respond your kiss, if she doesn't like, well, at least you tried it.

    • Thank you. Actually, I like this girl but I think she might not like. I tried to face her but I keep getting held back by the fact she might not like me.

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  • try 20 questions!

    • which questions? I am lack of ideas :(

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  • Buy sex dice


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