Why does my boyfriend always send photos to his ex?

My boyfriend dated this girl for a while. They had very much unfinished business and this all happened about 5 years ago. They've always sort of kept in contact with each other. And he always goes back to speaking to her when we have our problems in our relationships, which isn't that often but we have dated for over a year and he has gotten back in contact with her at least twice, that was when we broke up.

We're back together again, and I've caught him sending inappropriate photos to her and now he just sends her normal photos almost every day. Usually sends them to her snapchat.

He says it's nothing to worry about. Why does he do this?


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  • its nothing to worry about? seriously?
    his ex is supposed to form part of his past... why just why is he still in contact with her? and on top of that he is sending to her inappropriate pics of himself... seems like he hasn't yet been able to get over her and he will not stop contacting her until YOU tell him to stop!!! because he doesn't seem to respect you at all


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