My younger sister is a cold person?

She is 20 and always been like this, distant, never listens to my stories (only wants me to listen to hers) when i text her she doesn't reply or calls me back when i need her, but im always there for her. Im seriously considering breaking off contact untill she grows up. I asked her if i could stay in her house for a few days, she said yes and later flashed me and said she was out and on her way. Im sick of her disrespectful behavior. She also neevr stands up for me against our brother who clearly doesn't like me and always praises my younger sister, she loves the attention and likes to one up me, when i have a guy (she calles them weird, or when i have a job, its not less work then hers) its like she is jealous of me? like she doesn't want me to do better then her while i WANT her to have a happy life. Im hurt by this.


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  • I'm no talking terms with my sister you are better off by miles


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