Does this show she likes me?

The girl im seeing went away for just under a week, she didn't take her phone, she never said bye before she went, through text or whatever and hadn't replied to my last text. I wasn't bothered at all, I assumed she had gone away and was too busy too reply which is fine and fair enough. Turns out she just didn't take a phone with her. Anyway when she got back she apologised and said she wasn't ignoring me she just had no phone. Then we met up a few days later and she brought it up again, she said while she was away she remembered that she hadn't said bye and felt bad as she couldnt contact me untill she was back. Does the fact she's thought of that while being away and worried about it show that she likes me?


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  • Y'all normally talk so I mean she has been liked you. If a girl doesn't like you why would she ever continue to talk to you in the first place?


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