Did she overreact?

My boyfriend and i are long distance. Im 24 and he is 28. We have been together for 4 years. We are long distance until i save up up more money. Well ge is coming to visit next week and he made a fb post with a pic of the 2 of us that said i can't wait to come home and visit the most inportant women in my life. Well an hour later he said his mom called him saying that it hurt her feelings that he woyld say someone who is just a girlfriend would be number one above her and blah blah blah. Im like are you serious its not like we have been dating 4 months or something its been 4 years it is natural to considwr the women you plan on having kids with and spending the rest of your life with your number one
Do you think she overreacted?


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  • Yeah she definitely overreacted! I mean c'mon, don't take it so heard on yourself, those things are said all the time. My mother is my mother and nothing against her, she definitely is one of the most important women in my life. But my wife, the mother of my children...

    • Yeah her argument to him was well technically you aren't married yet so your mom should still be more important than a girlfriend. My guy was like well one day she will be my wife and she is more than just a casual girlfriend we make decisions together and we are settling down together i have to stsrt considering her the most important women or that we are working towards won't mean as much

    • Exactly, she just shouldn't take it soo hard.

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  • He said, "... most important women..."
    That means he is talking about both you and his mom, maybe?

    Anyway, I can see why it would upset her, but yeah, she sort of did.


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  • Yeah she did.


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