My ex boyfriend says he's moved on but hasn't... he keeps blowing my phone up, what's his deal?

I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago, I'm 17wks pregnant with his kid, I realized I still wanted him, so I asked if we could get back together, he said no and that he had moved on, so I just left it at that and walked away, he text me on my bday, text me later that same day, then this morning at 5a was blowing my phone up about our past relationship, I told him that he told me he'd moved on them he said that he did but didn't move on. I'm confused!! Help!


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  • If a woman who was pregnant with my kid broke up with me, I'd be pretty hurt. And if, afterward, she came back saying she wanted me back, I wouldn't just be like, "Yeah, sure, everything's cool." I'd be defensive and petty an tell her that I was already over her. It's immature, no doubt, but otherwise I'd just feel like I was getting walked all over. I don't know how long you were together, but you're the mother of his child and it's been a month; he absolutely still has feelings for you. I once went on three dates with a girl who I then had to see in a professional setting and I had conflicted feelings about that for like two months. Rejection is painful and it causes guys to act defensively.

    Texting you on your birthday is one thing. It's not like he's just going to forget you exist. But the 5am missive about your past relationship? That's something else. Maybe he realizes that he should stop being defensive. Maybe he doesn't really want to be with you, but is trying to figure out how if he should because of the kid. Maybe he's decided that his lifelong dream is to join the circus. Who knows? At this point, though, the two of you are bringing another life into the world, so you should figure out what you actually want, then get him in the same room with you and talk it through like adults.


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  • He was just saying that because he wasn't sure that he wanted anything to do with the baby. Maybe he has changed his mind. Just ask what his real intentions are.


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  • 5am is a weird hour to text so I wouldn't take it seriously. As far as your birthday you are the mother of his child. Of course he still thinks of you but he wants to move on.


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