What is she thinking? what are her intentions and what's my next move?

I had argument with my girlfriend that made us split up. The reason we argued was my fault. So I did 3 weeks no contact rule. So yesterday I called her and she told me to leave her alone so I did. next thing I get another text telling me to leave her alone she has a new boyfriend.

I told her that's awesome good for him.

Then she sent me a hateful text said she never really liked me it was just a fling. So I told her she was actin immature and to take it elsewhere. I was happy without you and I will be happy after you, my whole world does not depend on you. She text back I'm so cocky no wonder y no girls like me and called me a prick!

she was expecting us go back and forth with the hurtful word, so I didn't reply to her message and stopped contacting her. the next day which happens today she sent me a text. which read " This is my new number..." but the only problem was it was 1 number to long. ANd it didn't look like the same number had been typed in twice.

I did not reply to this message to either her number that I know that text me or the new number she gave me which was a number too long. So why did she text me? Why did she sent me a number that's too long? was it on purpose? does she even have a new number? does she still like me? or is she trying to rope me back in and show her that I still care for her?


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  • She still likes you, Trying to make you say that you like her too without her saying anything first as YOU are the one who ended it, therefore she expects YOU to make it right. She's angry which signifies that she cares. She does NOT have a new number, she figured she would do that as if you cared you would have taken attention to the fact that it was a number to long, so you would text her back saying that it was a wrong number. Which ALSO signifies that you WANT to contact her again if your interested in her new number. SOO that is whyy she sent you that text. YES She's trying to make you show her that you still care for her but NO not necessarily "Rope" you back in, its just cause she still likes you and wants to know if you still like her to, or more like hoping that you would show interest. SOO, IF you DO like her still, SHOW her that you do. IF you dont, then don't call her and don't lead her on in any way and just let her go and continue not answering her texts.

    Hope this helped, good luck.

    • She is the one who ended it by the way Maggie-G and told me to leave her alone I think everything else you said from that point was spot on thanks! so what should I text bk? hey the number yo sent me was too long? but this no new number? so wots the right thing to say as I definitely only have eyes for and do not want to make a wrong move.

    • Tell her yeah you sending me a number that is a digit too long was a very sweet move, thanks for that. This shows her you care, plus makes her look bad for sending a wrong number.

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  • Well, about the weird number, she probably accidentally added an extra number. I guess. That would be weird if she gave you an obviously wrong number. I think overall she is just still upset over the breakup and is trying to make you jealous a little to make you want her. Its like she says she has a new boyfriend to get you all jealous and not want another guy to have what's "yours." If I were you I wouldn't text anything mean or spiteful or even anything that sounds like your remotely upset. If she's being mean to you, just don't message back. If you want to message back to a mean message just say something short and not mean. Just remember not to borrow trouble or make someone else's problems your own. It sounds mean, but it's better that way. Do you still have feelings for her? If so and you want to get completely over her, your goig to have to cut off contact. Harsh but true.

  • i think she's a bitch just ignore her get another girlfriend if she does that then she's not worthy to even hve you so just get another (like me)

    • I think she is actin like b***H but then again hell have no fury like a woman scorned! so I can understand her pov!

  • I would not bother with her anymore. Life's too short.

    • Well if that's true and made as stupid mistake to cause the intial arguement and I really love her

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    • Find a new hottie.

    • Lol hotties are not a problem, that are I don't even value their beauty as much but the person inside. SO yeah I can find another hottie but I fell in love with the person who she is inside

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