Guys, what does dating mean to guys these days? ... U call the girl u are dating.. Your girl or grilfriend.. And this is not a serious 9 month?

Relationship... what does it mean?


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  • In today's world: Relationship = a girl with whom I'd sleep with more than once.

    • So u r sayong ur dating her and u like her and get to do the things u like

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    • If I thought she was a decent girl, yeah, I'd do those things. If she's a part of my life and I see her being around for a bit, no reason not to. That doesn't mean I'm going to marry her--it also doesn't mean that I won't marry her. She's just someone who's a part of my life, so why not involve her?

      Would I call her more than friends? No... remember, I don't do the label thing.

      What would make me not keep her around? Is that what you mean by limitations? Character, pretty simply. If she's a girl that I only view sexually and nothing more, then I'm not introducing her to people--they don't need to meet everyone I fuck. If she's someone I would keep around, sex or no sex, then I'll introduce her to people, and that is entirely dependent upon who she is as a person.

    • Wow i like ur view n i hope u dont mind me asking u these things.. Ok... So once u r involved with this girl u mentioned u may or not marry her... How long would it take for u to decide.. Say its been nine months.. U have great sex.. Conversations.. Bondinv etc... For u to fall hard for this girl... N what would make u intrigued about her sexually n her as a person? ...

  • I call her both my girl and girlfriend.


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