How to treat your guy?

Been dating a guy for awhile and he always treats me and i want to return the favour and show i can about him but i just can't come up with any ideas and any ideas i do have he already has!

Guys how would want your partner to treat you?

Ladies how do you treat you partner?


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  • Give him a back massage, buy him something he's wanted or needed for or a while, bake/cook for him -every guy loves food, surprise him with a blow job, make him something of quality, but tickets to a movie opening or concert or comedy show he's into. (U get bonus points if you're not into it but bought a pair for you both anyway, shows how important he is to you) or buy him his favorite beer/cider on the way to his place without telling him and surprise him saying, "I had to grab some things at the store, saw your favorite booze and just had to get them for you"


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