Guys, have you ever been rejected by a girls you truly liked for who she is?

Basically, have you truly liked a girl who her personality/uniqueness etc and not who what she looks like, or her looks being only a small part of why you liked her, and you ended up getting rejected by her? If so, could you share why the girl rejected you?


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  • You sound like a good guy. So I don't know why she did but keep on going like you're going and I'm sure you'll find a girl who is classy, pretty and has personality. Just remember- not all pretty girls know they are pretty and even the ones that do are used to jerks most the time. When a guy we like comes along and values is for more than skin deep we notice and love you for it on such a deep level. Just see that she likes you before you dive face first.

    • this hasn't happened to me. i was just curious about whether this has happened to other guys. the question was inspired by the hypocrisy of guys who complain about girls being too shallow

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  • Yeah, I have. It's one of the worst feelings ever.

    She rejected me because I didn't have any visible potential, and I was a simp. A complete blue-pill simp.


    • i'm seeing some words for the first time here. like, ever

    • Blue-pill means you subscribe to the public narrative regarding sex relations and race relations. In other words, women are victims, men are all bad (except you, of course, who can be redeemed by being nice and always accommodating), and that women like guys who are nice and sweet and confident and funny, and dammit her boyfriend is such a jerk.

      A simp is a simpering male. It's someone who puts women on a pedestal. A "nice guy," the kind who, "finishes last (never)."

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  • Apparently guys do the same thing to girls.


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