I don't know what she is trying to say?

So I told my best friend back in January that I wanted us to be together and her response was that she wasn't over her ex and that she doesn't see me that way. I have only seen her once since then and we haven't texted each other for months. All of a sudden she starts texting me this last weekend and complaining how I'm not in school this semester. I told her I would be going in January and she said that is too late. She was saying I know you can and that I can do better then what I'm doing now. I promised her I would see if I could get in this semester and her response was "U have mike in u. Get it done I know you can." Mike is her ex boyfriend. She has never said anything like that to me and I don't know why she said it. Is she just trying to be a good friend again?


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  • I think she probably wanted to see your reaction when she mention her ex boyfriend's name. Or she probably still has a lot of respect for him and he uses his name as a compliment. I don't think she is over him yet.


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