How do I tell my mom about this boy?

Okay so I met this guy a couple months ago and we "fell in love." But my mom doesn't aprove of him. We talk at school but my mom doesn't know. Today he came up to me and we talked again and he hugged me before he walked away. I want to tell my mom because she's the only adult in my life right now but I don't know how to tell her. All my friends are telling my not to tell her but I feel like I have too. Any ideas on how to tell my mom?


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  • I would not tell her much less you get banned from ever seeing him which would not go over well.


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  • Why doesn't your Mom approve of him?
    There has to be a good reason.

    Your Mom is older and wiser, she may see things that you don't see because you are blinded by love.

    There's more to this story that you should share so I can better advise you.

    • we've texted before and he said sh*t and my mom doesn't approve of that language even though she uses it all the time, but he used it once and still my mom made a big deal out of it.

    • Wow. That sounds like a petty reason to be honest.
      If she uses that language herself, it makes her hypocritical.
      I think she's trying to be protective of you and find something against any boy you tried to date.
      You have to talk to her in a serious manner about this.
      There's no other way to talk about it... than to be out with the truth.
      Hopefully she is open to it.

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  • Don't just dont


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  • Why doesn't she approve of him? Some moms are just over protective, which is frustrating but understandable, and others have a point. What's her problem with him?

    • she reads my texts and in one text he said sh*t and she was angry that he used that kind of language... but other than that one mistake he's a really good guy.

    • oh haha ok. I think you should tell her that, tell her that he is respectful to you and you understand that she doesn't like his swearing, but he's a good guy and you really like him.

  • Why not? Your mom and dad fell in love, got married and had you. So why doesn't she want you to be with him? she fell in your dad so same thing right? Just tell her don't be scared!


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