My boyfriend's brother still hates me. Please, help?

He hates me. Period. I heard him say shit about me in person while he wasn't aware I heard everything, he ignores me and despises me. Everything bothering him about me, my boyfriend explained to him. Why I act shy, why he never sees me doing anything ( he just doesn't see me ffs!), why I seemed irresponsible, everything. All explained, and for every explanation, there follows more reasons why I bother him so much. He even talks to my boyfriend's mutual friends shit about me. When I talked to him, he just said that he simply doesn't see me as a potential friend and that our relationship isn't his business, he just told my boyfriend what he wanted to know. Well, did his friends want to listen to his opinion about me too? Is this his business? To gossip, make a fool out of me? Out of him? My boyfriend wanted to argue with him, but I asked him not to and just gently talk to him about the issue instead. He refused, he said talking to him is impossible. What can anyone in this situation besides him do? Me? My boyfriend? If he argues, it would be very unpleasant for me to have meals together or meet him in the hall, or even being a victim of his rage. That's why I want him to gently talk. But how?


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  • Have you spoke to him and asked why he doesn't like you? If not I think you should message him but try and be as polite as you can so it doesn't look like you're trying to start an argument.

    • I have, I listened to everything he had to say, apologized for possible acts he found insulting, and explained after he was done. Still, I think he didn't really listen to me since he dislikes me, so I'm kinda relying on my boyfriend's relationship with him. We just don't know what to do...

    • If your boyfriend loves you as much as he says then you got nothing to worry about as your boyfriend won't let his brother come between you and there isn't much you can do if you have spoke to the brother just ignore him

    • Tried to do so, but his behaviour isn't helping my social anxiety since it's making me take everything very personal... I try not to worry but interruptions keep rolling, we have to stop doing everything we're doing the moment he wants it to stop. His family would support everything he does, even when he's acting very rude towards them. They tolerate his disrespect. If I wasn't at his place at least twice a week, I would only see my boyfriend once a month, so backing down doesn't work. Finding a new place isn't an option either... But hey, thank you for the effort to help a stranger. It means a lot to me.

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