Girls, how slow is too slow?

Been talking to this girl for about 3 weeks. Been dating her for about 2 weeks now. Been on 6 dates. (Dinners, movie, concert, baseball game). Every date except the first date I've kissed her goodnight or just randomly. We've held hands on occasion etc. We haven't been together alone yet... like all of our dates have been out in public. Haven't been to her place and vise versa.

I get the vibe that she wants to take things slow. When we went to the concert (country concert... I like country she doesn't really but still wanted to take me) I tried making out with her (tongue) and she kinda rejected it. I tried on our most recent dinner date and could tell she didn't want it so I didn't... this makes me think she wants to take it slow.

I want to be in a relationship with this girl. I just don't know how slow to take it, bc I know too slow is bad lol.
Also, she has been getting pretty busy lately with school and work and has a little trouble finding time for us to hangout but she always seems to work in a time but it's usually not more than an hour or two unless we go to a game or a concert.

Hopefully you you made it through all that lol... so I'm asking how slow is too slow to take this? When should I propose a relationship with her? What are some things I should be and should not be doing?

I dont one want to loose this girl... she is essentially my dream girl. Uber smart and very pretty and nerdy :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any opinion helps. Have a great day!!


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  • If she really wants to take it slow I'd just let her control the pace for now, continue going on dates but make sure that she isn't rejecting the kisses itself (pecks, not making out). Because if she is then maybe she is looking for a way to let you know she's just not interested. If you're really worried, then just go out with her some place nice and ask her how she feels about a relationship. But put an emphasis on the part that you're okay with taking it slow, just that you'd like to know if she sees it going anywhere or not.

    • Yeah she definitely doesn't reject kisses (pecks) when we hug at the end of the date its normal for us to kiss after we hug. Sometimes its one kiss sometimes its 2 or 3 pecks. And i think illl just let her take the pace for now. She seems pretty busy. Been texting her and she replies for about 30 minutes and then stops. I text her back after like 2 or 3 hours. Not sure if thats a good thing or if i should wait till she texts back

  • Hmm well i for sure think you're moving at the right pace but thats just me, i would maybe give it some more time until you ask her for a relationship, it sounds like she really wants to take it slow but you can alway discuss it with her. If you don't want to loose her, wait till she is comfortable. But you're right going to slow can make it worse, she should be comfortable with making out by now but thats just my opinion.

    • Ok. It could be that the last time we had dinner and I tried making out with her she had to leave and get a bunch of homework done. So I guess she didn't want to stay and do that I don't know lol.

      How would I go about discussing it with her? The taking it slow.

    • Or she's really not ready for that i guess lol. Just talk to her and ask her what she's comfortable with at this point in the relationship, and if it only happens to be a kiss and hand holding then thats where she is comfortable don't try and force things. Eventually she's gonna warm up to the idea, and maybe she's nervous about making out. I guess ask where to draw the line at this point with physical stuff. Maybe ask her how slow she wants to take it and shell tell you.

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