I'm trapped with indecision in my relationship, what should I do?

Long story short we have been a couple for two years and have what others describe as a "perfect relationship". I broke up with her over a month ago because I am craving the single life and I don't feel a connection with her anymore, but we got back together to try and fix things last week. Obviously I wouldn't be asking this if everything was fine now. I feel so bored and disconnected from our relationship and I feel like we are trying to make an already dead relationship work. It's even worse because she doesn't think any of this and is incredibly immature and inexperienced with relationships. Our relationship has hit a wall and stopped developing at all, not to mention the fact that we are going in opposite directions (career wise) after we graduate this year. I almost feel like I'm dating her just for the convenience now (we both run an extracurricular activity at school and she drives me to school in the morning because I have yet to find a decent first car to buy). I don't want to just give up like I did earlier, but I can't help but doubt our chances. I don't know if I should tell her that I'm still having doubts to give her a heads up that we might breakup again for good, but this can make her paranoid which I don't want to do. I want to give it a couple weeks to see what happens and if these feelings don't go away then I'll break up. What should I do? Part of me wants to break up right now to get it over with and start moving on.


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  • You Are 'Under 18,' which means you are still wet behind the ears in years here, dear, and have this Urge to spread your fling wings and Fly like a free bird to Explore other territories in life because you Realize that you and your Other half, doesn't feel like a Whole with you anymore and Now... Part of me wants to break up right now to get it over with and start moving on.
    You both have been these two birds of a feather that have stuck together through thick and thin for '2 years' but no longer counting. You have tried the band aid on the boo boo that didn't work the second time around and Now, realizing from everything you have mentioned Above, from soup to nuts, you want to just Pull it off Fast so it doesn't hurt anyone so much or Even... Sting anymore.
    It's best to be this Honest John. You appear, although she may Not, to be more mature and have a good mind set and that even includes the future that could very well go down a bad beaten path and end up a War of the Roses.
    You need to sit her down, face to face, and lay Everything on the love line. It is going to kill her but you can't go on Kidding yourself nor her anymore because all you are doing is jumping through hoops with Someone whom you no longer connect with or really Are... In love with.
    She may surmise that this Relationship is already 'Dead,' but doesn't want to stir up the coals to ignite it because she is afraid if she should open up a can of smelly worms, it really Will... Go dead.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the advice! You described exactly what my situation is. I feel awful because I was the one who decided to ask her if we could get back together and we recently made it official a few days ago so I don't like the idea of already doubting our relationship again. I think she can sense it though anyways, and I honestly don't know if it can even be fixed after the breakup. It's like we can't connect like we did before because there is no security anymore.

    • So welcome, sweetie, and believe me, I have been in your boat with One Oar Only. I have been in trying to make something work, Not feeling Good about it, Deliberately Messing it up instead of again saying "I can't," and Him sensing It, telling me "Baby, I know you really don't care or love me." I then had to be honest Jane and tell him again I have tried but I cannot do it, just want friends now.
      You need to sit her down and as hard as it is to just tell her, don't wait until it is too late where she ends up hasting you because it went on and on. Sure, she can sense it, your own actions have told her that things are not right. Tell her this weekend, sweetie. xx

  • Why do u hate your girlfriend so much I mean u where together for two years so u must love something about her

    • I never said that I hated her -_- she's incredibly kind and funny

    • Then what's the problem

    • You can't date someone forever just because you love some of the things about them. You have to love almost everything

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