Have I freaked him out?

I've been texting a guy for a few months now and for quite some time we have ended our conversations with night and a kiss emoji 😘 Though for the last couple of days when I say this, I usually either just get night. Have I freaked him out using 😘? He always seemed to like them. I'm so confused and I don't mean to overanalyse but I'm really bad at texting guys I like.


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  • Personally as a guy I don't mind that. Though if you have been texting him non-stop before the goodnight text day after day, he could feel annoyed and want some time to chill or hang out with friends.

    • We text everyday usually just in the evening cos we both work. It's never non stop all day.

    • Well damn, i love when my girl says goodnight. Though usually when i text back less enthusiastic I'm usually tired, done talking, got other things to do, talking to someone else, etc. Plenty of factors in your situation.

    • I know I'm reading way too much into it. The last couple of days I've just gotten the thumbs up lol.

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  • Have you dated him yet? Girls that just text but never go out are a massive turnoff to me. If not he's probably just tired and wants to send a quick text before bed so don't worry about it.


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  • I doubt you did.


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