Guys, what type of girl do you prefer, the stereotypically very feminine woman or a tomboy/masculine personality traits or a well-rounded woman?

Men often prefer super feminine women who are frail, weak and kinda dumb. I actaully prefer a well-rounded woman who not only has a very beatiful womanly face and a nice thick body, I also like her personality to be a bit brave and tenacious. For instance, while I would look after her and protect her like any man would, I'd love it if she'd sometimes do the same for me in necessary situations.
  • Stereotypically very feminine woman
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  • Tomboy/masculine
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  • Well-rounded woman
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  • Others
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  • I'm a woman (see results)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like tomboys.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Masculine, without a doubt.

    I'm submissive myself, so a woman who is a bit more dominant and masculine is what I prefer.


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  • i think 90% feminine and 10% badass is a good mix


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