Most people add new people they went out on a date with or are seeing on Facebook as a friend right?


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  • I recently deleted all of my social media. Think about all the time you spend on social media and convert that time to something else like going to the gym or a hobby of yours. When i did use FB i only added people i knew or seen in person.

    • We'll oviously but I'm talking about if someone had a date or is seeing someone they would add them someway right?

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  • I have no idea I just date and dont even think about facebook

    • I'm talking about someone that is on there every day, if he doesn't do it the girl would add him right?

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    • he's not in one like t he site he used to be on I can't find him anymore

    • Well be glad he's not looking for other girls. Now go after him and fix the problem your having with him life is short

  • i guess...

    • You guess they would? Don't you when you go on dates or are seeing someone?

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    • Yeah all the people I know do don't you agre r if you go out with someone?

    • i supose , no real experience with that

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