What kinda person he is?

he said he had three times experience of escort and kept seeing one of them for a while after 'first service' because she liked him. Obviously he got free services from her. The result why all of this ended is because she was jealous of that he was seeing other girls at the same time. For his defence, he thought that she was still sleeping with different customers, why cannot he do it? this story really pissed me off.. Make me think he is a total asshole! what is your opinion? woud you still date him girls? Guys, why on earth would you tell someone you like about your escort experience?( although i asked him at first, but he can deny!)
and the reason why he call escorts is because, according to what he said, he is bored and just had needs at that time!!! WTF!!!


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  • what does his escort have anything do with you if he stop once dating you. Well he being honest with you. you don't have know about it but he must trust you to tell you that


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