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This guy I been talking to for 7 months says he sees me as more than a friend but I have never met his parents, we only hang out once a week which I'm kind of fine with it cause I'm busy with school. But when we do hangout he doesn't really show affection except when it comes to sex. And we have sex every time we see each other. Should I leave him or stay and see what happens?


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  • need more information..

    • Like?

    • more information about how you guys hang out, what do you usually talk about... like this kind

    • He takes me out to dinner or lunch. I used to go to his house in morning a lot and I would only be there for an hour or 2 cause he had work. But since I started school he takes me out to eat and we would go to the park then to a spot to be sexual in his car. We do talk about everything that's going on in our life and our future.

  • leave him. he just wants you for the sex.

    • I told him I don't want sex for while and he said anything for me. So I just wait and see if he respects my decision?

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