Girls would you be turned off if a guy you were talking to turned out to be wearing a wig or hairpiece to cover baldness at 22? (Only girls under 28)?

I've got a type of alopecis that made me lose hair just on top so it looks like old guy balding, I can't stand having no hair and wear a piece to cover it, it really is convincing but I'm wondering if I should shave my head? I've done it before and looked okay, but I just want to know girls, if it turned out a guy you thought was good looking was actually bald would it put you off? Remember I'm very young not even 23 and have no hair please only answer if you're a young woman
  • I could get past it, it wouldn't break a guys looks to me
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  • At this age I couldn't look past that sorry
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Please be honest I need a girl who looks good I won't call anyone shallow


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  • Any guy who wears a hair piece grosses me out. I just... can't. I'd rather see a guy balding or bald than a drowned rat on anyone's head.

    • So a shaved head wouldn't really be an issue then? You could date completely bald?

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    • Can I ask if you voted A or B? I'm trying to figure out if it's the hairpiece people are voting against or baldness really...

    • I voted B because I can't stand the idea of a toupee.

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  • It's totally fine. I know a couple guys like that. It will look better if you just shave it. Bald can be really sexy

    • So you wouldn't have trouble dating a bald guy or finding one attractive? Remember I'm barely older than you

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    • Okay, then. I shaved it and I actually pull it off alright, I'm pretty pale but that's just my skin type and I'm small but fit my frame alright so I don't look like those pencil neck guys, I just hope I find a girl like you who don't mind

    • I'm sure that you'll find plenty of women

  • Understand that any decent woman is going to love you for who you are, but if you draw someone in with one idea of you and the reality is another it's almost as if they've been lied to. Kind of like a woman wearing tons of makeup to cover really bad skin, or someone wearing fake hair and when it's off they look like a man. It's just false advertising and you're drawing people in for the wrong reasons. If you truly want a woman to accept you I'd say stop wearing the hair piece, and if you want to hold on to some confidence just shave your hair. The bald look isn't a turn off for everyone and at least a woman will know what she has before she gets involved with you. This way it protects her and you from being hurt in the long run.

    • Ibe heard so many ewes and grosses with a shaved head, this may sound bad but I need a girl who is attractive and I find attractive yet the only girls who every seem to look past it are overweight and very plain, I admit we need looks and bald just can't get a girl who I could truly call beautiful and feel happy with, let me admit looks matter and I completely acknowledge that

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    • As I said I shaved it, I've just heard nothing but eww's from my lack of hair, and feel as though a bald guy can't be considered physically attractive from past experience of gorls response, hell on tinder the pic with hair got a decent amount of matches but no hair none. I know tinder isn't the final answer on this but still it just seems the vast majority of girls avoid it as best that they can.

    • Any girl who's going to say eww because of something you can't control is honestly just a bitch. If you're with someone for the sole purpose of their looks eventually everything else will fall flat and just gets old, you'd be over it and wishing you were with someone else. When it comes to girls confidence is key, if you have enough confidence you can practically get any girl you want and that's just that. It's not about your lack of hair it's about your lack of self respect. No woman wants a self pitying man, believe in yourself is all I'm saying. Your confidence levels suck right now.

  • Like Prince William?
    If you have everything else going on, I could look past it or you just go bald

    • So shaved bald you wouldn't mind dating?

    • Yeah some guys can rock the bald thing

  • I am vain. Sorry. I'd kick your hairless ass goodbye.

    • What if a guy had a shaved bald head though? Yes there's still the fact he can't grow it but I just shaved it all and it don't look half bad.

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    • Whatever.

    • Well if not then you've got double standards lady, excellent thought process. Good luck finding a smart guy who will care with that attitude

  • I think I can help you with this one!
    I think that you should shave it or just leave it they way it is, cuz having a wig or something like that is just a way of hiding yourself.
    I am gonna tell you my story so that you see that the most important thing on a guy is the personality!
    So, I loooove guys with long hair, I think it looks awesome and I always told myself that I would be with a person like that, but guess what? This year I met a guy, we started talking and he was very nice, I was not physically attracted at first because he was not exactly my type (I kinda like guys with a hippie or rock style), but then we started texting every day and I got to meet him better, now I like him and because I love his personality, now he attracts me physically too.
    Is just a matter of confidence, go out there the way you are! you don't want to attract girls that will focus on your physical appearance! get a good girl that will appreciate everything, the inside and the outside, you are awesome :) everybody is! so be confident, cuz that is one of the coolest thing any person can have :)

    By the way, I am 19

    • ups, sorry I forgot to clarify that guy I told you about is almost bald

      and English mistake! I got to *know him better... sorry about that hehehe.. peace

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    • I agree, the first impression comes from the appearance, but by getting to know a person you could change that, thats what happened to me, you just need to be open to possibilities. I think beauty goes beyond physical appearance... whats the point of liking someone physically if that person has a personality you don't like? You need to open your mind, cuz not every single guy on Earth will end up with a model, I am not saying that you couldn't, but you also need to understand that what is inside is important too. A relationship is not a game, is about loving each other and if you only love the physical appearance then is not gonna work

    • Personality is important, and I only want something real and want to wait until marriage for sex so I'm not a player, but I will never allow myself to date a girl who isn't physically attractive to me right off the batt, true there's been hot girls I wouldn't touch because they were bitches, but there's been sweet kind girls who liked me who I just couldn't find feeling for because I didn't find them attractive looks wise, so to me step one is if they look good, step two is if personality is good, you say some guys settle for not beautiful girls well I'd sooner be alone or pass on than settle on looks. You only have one life and I've seen plenty of guys who do mistreat women get beautiful girls, so I'm not going to settle when they are out there, it wouldn't be fair to the girl settled on because I wouldn't want to do things with her or take her places because I wouldn't find her special. Sounds mean, but I'll never tell a girl she's beautiful unless she looks it, I take it seriously.

  • Id prefer he just embrace his baldness and forego the hair piece...

    • Would you be able to find a guy with a shaved bald head attractive though? I mean what's the point if he's not date able either way?

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    • So you're saying you could date a bald guy who shaved his head? Knowing he couldn't grow hair?

    • Yes, id have no problem with that

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