How to get a reserved guy to sleep with you without being desperate?

I'm in a new country because I got a job here thought a program. This man is on the program with me, and also came from my home country the U. S. He has noticed me, and I have noticed him. When he sees me his nervous and when we are alone he is extremely jumpy. He is always looking at my direction, but turning his head away if I face him.

I invited him to hang out with me during our orientation, but the plans changed last minute! Instead he invited me to hang out with his friends. During that time he was still nervous, but we ended up talk most of the night. After that he replied to my fb message super-fast. I invited him out again about 3 days later because I wanted to get to know him alone and before our jobs started. He took longer to reply but said he was mostly busy and he’d see if he’d have time. I told him I understand and left it at that.

He still hasn’t told me if he’d hang out with me, which most likely means no. Should I keep messaging him, wait a little while, or give up? This guy is too reserve to act on his feelings with me. We work in the same area but different places which means we won’t met up.
Turns out the guy was just not interested in me. When we met at the company party he aviod me, and just wanted to tell him I couldn't hang out because my plans changed. But he was rude and I've just wasted my time.


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  • If he's too shy to act, you could try acting for him instead. If you give a shy guy a chance to back out, he'll take it. So if you ask and wait, it won't work. Instead, tell him you want to meet him and give him a choice of a time and or place. This will make him falsely think he has to meet you. It might work...


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  • let ihm know you're intersted but let him make the first move.


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  • Witch contry you in

    • That is irrelevant to this situation, Sir.

    • Ya it does deferent countries have dfferent traditions and therfore the people react different to things

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  • Maybe he doesn't get involved with coworkers?


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