Would you of went down on this guy if he asked you to?

A friend took me to this party and I met this guy who was all buffed out and had some tattoos. Was dressed very nicely. I was talking to him and he's 27.. drives a nice mercedes works as an engineer for a big company and works as a part time fire fighter. he went on to tell me he does some things on the other side of the law to make money. Carries a gun on him that I noticed. Obviously I'm a gay guy but he didn't know this. People listened to this guy when he talked. He had some a prensence to him. I seriously would of went down on him right then and there if he asked me to. Smart engineer and a badboy who looks good oh and is a firefighter? My god
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  • I don't think I'd be into him, except as good eye candy. I like more down to earth types, personally. Flashy guys don't do much for me.


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  • Yea I would he's everything a woman could want


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  • In another life

  • No cause I'm not a homo


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