How to stop trying to find my worth in guys? Or being dependent on having someone to talk to?

I've never really became like this until after high school now that I think about it. Last year once freshman year of college started I became a hunter looking for a boyfriend. All my friends were talking to someone and I wanted that. So I'd talk to guys it wouldn't last longer than a month or so. But every time it ended I'd be devastated. There had to be something wrong with me if they didn't want to commit.

At that point I was always talking to a guy. It became a cycle. Talk to a guy, like him, stop talking, become dissapointed, find some other guy to talk to, start over. I was always talking to a guy. The same one every day either a guy I liked or just a friend. Until they stopped wanting to talk with me. It's like I needed that.

Yes I grew up without a father maybe that's a reason why. I have no male role models in my life. No one who taught me these things.

There's this guy I've really liked for months (10) long story short he didn't want to be in a relationship with me. Now I'm sad. I went back to how it was trying to find other guys to replace him. It won't work. These guys aren't him. Now all I do is cry I really liked him. And put myself down.


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  • Have you talked with a professional about this?

  • You need to learn to build self confidence.


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