I have a sexual and dating preference for HOT TEENAGE GIRlS whats the big deal with that?

Currently dating a hot busty chick just turned seventeen life is good right now.
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  • Its wrong. Now I will rant why
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  • Thing I like about highschool chicks is I keep getting older but they stay the same age, yes they do.
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Dumped my last girlfriend and have been getting it on with her 16 year old cousin. Teens just love a guy who drives a flash motor.


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  • Americas are so close minded and think that because 18 is the legal age there it must be everywhere, they are so self centered that they don't even stop for a sec and think that it could maybe just possibly different in different parts of the world. 16 is legal here and they are hot, have fun.

    • It's not that I'm closed minded but I don't feel that a child has the sort of mental capacity for an adult relationship.

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    • It is that you are close minded, 16 year olds aren't treated like brain dead children except in America. Meanwhile 2 years later when she's 18 she can go date 35-40 year old men and you people say "hey its legal and its your life" Its all laughable really. So you are telling me she is a 'child' at 18 but a full grown adult a mere two years later... Sorry does not compute.

    • 'child' at 16*

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What Girls Said 6

  • Congrats. You're like 99% of the male population.

    • no, his ambitions are like 99% of the male population. His success is more like 0.01%...

    • When you live the dream haters gona hate.

  • media.giphy.com/media/3oEdvcVDBA8J4rdwXK/giphy.gif

    Like serious. As long as it's legal , who cares?

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  • Sexual attraction to people who are displaying secondary sexual characteristics is standard from an evolutionary perspective. Legally, less standard. And ethically questionable. Now, personally, I have no doubt that some of these teenage girls are both smarter and more cognitively developed than you, especially given the bragging online part. Clearly you have no sense of why the body of (admittedly flawed) age of consent laws exist. Which is why I hope you do time. To give you a few years to develop, you know, cognitively.

  • Depends on the age gap.

    • What kind of age gap us appropriate for sex with teenagers?

  • Depends how old toe teenagers are… if they're like 13/14 then you have serious issues but if they're 18/19 then it's fine

    • 16-17 baby

    • Ok, what's the age diff then? If it's more then 2-3 years then it's a strange, just make sure it's legal though

    • Ten years

What Guys Said 7

  • It's not a big deal as long as they are age-appropriate consenting 18 years old. As you get older those under 18 will get you jailed.

  • Date a woman your age and let those teenage girls do their homework.

  • In the USA its called statutory rape under eighteen

    • In th uk its legal at 16 and called last Saturday night

  • pretty much just depends on the gap in age and the person sometimes

  • No one actually cares if you like to date minors. Run along now.

    • Your comment suggest you do care now run along.

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    • Congratulations, you won the internet today.

    • And as much teenage ass as a could want. Victory is mine!

  • Sounds pretty awesome! How busty are we talking here?

    • You ever see a short skinny teen with sweater hams that are clearly too big for her body type. 32ff

    • Geebus! lol! Can you link a pic to a model with a similar body?

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