I started seeing this guy but I'm torn on what to do?

Me & this guy have known eachother for years now never hung out alone.. Well we finally did Friday night & omg he was so sweet it was perfect.. We have talked every day since & he's beyond sweet to me & always talks about seeing me again but he works in the hospital & I work every day so it's hard. Well I was creeping tonight ( I know) & I come across this girl & it's evident that he's been talking to her too.. She tweets about him & it's obvious.. Catch is i dont know if They have met cause she lives hours away & it just doesn't seem like they have yet.. Anyways.. I dont know what To do.. Should I ask him if he's seeing someone or is that too much since we JUST started texting & only hung out once. I'm really starting to feel him but I wanna protect myself too.. What should I do? Is it crazy to ask him if he's seeing someone? Should I let things play out?


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  • There is no harm in just asking if he is seeing someone. You can ask him at an appropriate time during a convo. He may not have met up with this girl, but chances are he is interested in other girls as well as you.

    Personally, i think you should keep you heart on "reserve" until you trust him and know for sure where you stand. It would be naive not to remain guarded when you feel so much doubt. What is true makes you feel good and secure. What is false cause confusion and doubt.

  • You should ssk him!


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