My Close Friend's Ex (My Crush) Likes Me and His Friend Likes Me Too!!! Help me pls?

So I just moved schools and dont know all details about my friends lives. I really like this guy (lets call him A). I didn't even notice him until we had language class. We where reading a love story and the whole time he read about the kissing part he looked me in my eyes. I also have art with his one of his best friends (lets call him B). While in the art class my friend (ex girlfriend of A) signed to me that B "loves me". My friend always talks about how much she hates A and i can't agree because im head over heels for him.
My first problem is that I dont want to hurt any (3) feelings.
My second problem is that I know that A likes me because it is obvious, for example. He is always around me, he sat next to me and had his foot touching mine, he read that to me, in our 2 classes he always stares at me (i do too).
Today he "bumped" into me in class and was kinda flirting with this other girl while i was there, but was he just trying to make me jealouse of her
I dont know what to do? Pls help me
Ps. if you read this all thankyou so so much


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  • I don't think you will hurt anyone's feelings. Just do what you want.


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