No response at all-what does it mean?

I was seeing someone since the end of August...things were great/really intense in the beginning...then he became very busy at work. We decided to try to stay in touch

/work things out, but there was never any talk about "what we were". I never got the impression that he was anything but a great guy.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving he mentioned seeing me as his girlfriend once his schedule was better, me meeting his mom, him meeting my fam, etc. Then we barely talked for 2 weeks & I felt I was getting mixed messages-so I emailed him just saying I really liked him, didn't need a title, but wanted to know where things stood with us.

Since then, I haven't heard ONE WORD from him. He was going to come over for Thanksgiving-but didn't call, didn't text, didn't even say "Happy Thanksgiving". Seems very out of character & wondering if I did something wrong and more importantly-is it over?!? It's been over a month now & NOTHING! Please let me know your thoughts--I was very hurt & just feel confused.


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