So I met this chick while at work, I didn't get her phone number, I want to hang out with her or take her out but don't know what to do here?

So i met this girl yesterday at work, i was working she was my customer at Geek Squad. We talked for about an hour about a lot of stuff not just small talk, and it seemed like she was flirting and apparently from outside the conversation seemed like she was flirting, well i didn't get her number because i thought it a bad idea to ask while i was working. But i did add her on FB, she accepted the request almost immediately but then again so does everyone else. Just dont know where to move from here. I really liked talking to her and want to hang out or take her out so we can talk again but not sure where to go from here. She is a Sorority chick and I don't really participate much in Campus activities, just kinda do club activities with my Criminology Club and study if im not working. Any advice that could help would be really helpful.


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  • You're fb friends. Send her a message?


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  • Send her a message on FB to follow up with her.

    "hey it was nice meeting you at__ the other day. I was wondering if you'd like to"

    Just ask her out.


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