Does he sound like a nice man, this is what he said to me?

So after going on 5 dates he walked me to my door and we were kissing passionately, after we stopped I went into the house. I texted him later asking him what he was expecting. He replied saying that honestly i wasn't expecting anything more than kissing and I responded oh i thought you wanted more. He then says to me, I figured we'd go at a pace you were more comfortable with. He texted me how he found me physically attractive and does enjoy the physical relationship, but we can take things slow. This man is wayy older than. I am in my late 20 and him in his his early 40's.


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  • Sounds like a very mature man you have. Reluctant to look after his partners needs.

    Just reflect on this:

    When the asker wasn't even born, this man was already in varsity college 😂

    Imagine a varsity graduate being involved with a new born!


  • Sure, he does sound like a nice man. Keyword: sound.


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