He has other girls. Is it normal for him to like or talk to other girls?

Is it normal for him to like or talk to other girls if he says I'm the most wonderful girl he's ever met, he says I'm beautiful, kind, loving and a great laitener. He and I are both Christian so he also admires the fact that I talk about God with him... he says no other girl does that and just appreciates me being a great listener

He also always calls me babe, bae, sweetheart, gorgeous, beautiful etc... (I feel like things are escalating a bit quickly... I don't know should I start calling him babe and bae too? He probably thinks I doesn't like him since I don't call him bae... I just made a nickname from his actual name i think he may be trying to have someone to fall back on so his ego isn't hurt or whatever... also I'm moving an hour or two away to another county. He said he thinks God is trying to tell us something, that were meant to be because we have tons on common )

But back to the original question I heard his friend ask him about "that Spanish chick" i was right there, so he tried to brush it away reall quick... kind of like "I'll tell u later"... is he talking to someone else... the same way he talks to me? Im confused he seems so happy talking to me.. just thus morning he said

"There are many stars but the moon is you, there are many friends but the best is you, to forget me is up to you, TO FORGET YOU IS SOMETHING I'LL NEVER DO!!! GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL!!!"
He said in caps he appreciates how listen to and care about him, he tells me I'm gorgeous, he pursued me first actually. He said "HE'S GLAD WE MET :)"

I don't know what's going on he seems like a great guy it's just so much going through my mind... please help :/


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  • This guy seems like a player lol. He's trying to say all the right things and reel you in. Honestly, I believe that God gives us signs sometimes, even if we weren't looking for them. The fact that you happened to catch his friend saying this, and it stuck with you, I think that means something. I don't want to jump the gun and advise you drop him. I do think you should go with your gut tho, and keep your eyes open. If you feel like he's doing wrong, leave him now, before you fall in too deep and it'll be too hard to leave later.

    • Thank you, you're right. I heard that for a reason, and it stuck. Honestly... I've been so sad all night.. and that's not right... one person shouldn't control my happiness like that. Thank you for your insight. What would you do in this situation? Also, we are in a band together. ... I'm thinking I should tell him we should be friends... I don't know

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    • I appreciate your advice, Imma just stay friends :)

    • Glad I could help! And that sounds like a great idea. Good luck out there :)

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