I like girls who are taller than me, how do you feel about that?

How do you girls feel about me wanting you to be taller than me? Are some of you guys like that?


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  • I don't feel anything about it. A girl's height won't have much an effect on me when it comes to how much I like her. Who she is will affect me the most when it comes to liking her, and she could be taller, shorter, or the same height. Her height does not define her, not in my eyes.


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  • vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

    Indifferent. You are one of the many males who feel that same way as you. It's nothing special.

    • Well I was wondering if guys were like that too, not really how guys felt about it necessarily. I was more so wondering how females felt about it. Just asking guys if they are like me.

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    • To test how they will respond duh. It's a test.

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