Does he expect me to text him first?

So, I've been talking to this guy for about a month now but he's not very good at texting. He hasn't texted me in 4 days and I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't like me anymore cause he's usually the one to initiate. I get mixed signals from him... When we meet IRL, he acts different and seems interested but then I only hear from him once or twice a week. Does he expect me to text him first or am I simply not a priority to him? I'm pretty sure he's interested because he actually told me that he likes me the last time I saw him.


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  • Yes, he expects you to text him. He feels you are not putting much effort.

    • But I'm afraid I'l come across as desperate and I don't wanna be that person. That's why I always wait for others (both guys and girls) to text me first...

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    • I tried to send you the link to my question but apparently I can't. But in short, he replied to my first message and seemed happy. I texted hi and he replied with: hey, haven't heard from you in a while. How's uni? But then he started ignoring me. I actually saw him on campus a couple of times and he acted like I didin't exist even though he obviously saw me... This is so confusing. I described the whole thing in greater detail in my question

    • I think it is because of the level on. Anyhow, I do it too. The girl people from the university I talk on the internet I don't usually talk to them at university. I stay with my all boys gangs. Even the girl I like which is bad but I guess it is not that he is ignoring but he could be busy. Don't rush it
      I send you pm. than we can talk

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  • You should text him. Personally, I like it when a girl initiates first.


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  • You should text him first sometimes too, people always think that the guy has to text first. Which is not true.

  • Call instead. Some guys aren't big on texting.


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