Will a man date an unemployed women?

Some guys on here say a guy like to feel needed but on the other hand I have Seen some guys on here accuse women of being gold diggers because they date a guy and he happens to be the breadwinner. I haven't dated in a while and I'm looking for a job and even when I was working I dated a guy who made more money than me who gave me money or helped me help myself. I want to date again but it's been such a long time and I've been through a lot of rough things in life that I'm even stil in therapy for terrible traumatic things and everyday problems


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  • It's totally fine. She can be a student and looking for a job, or just taking a semester off to focus on her studies. As long as she has a goal and is trying to better herself professionally and academically, it's cool.

    • I just want a girl who is on the same level as me. Someone educated and not settling for less. It's one thing if she is working part time at Mickey D's to pay off her tuition.. But if she thinks she is settled to working as a grocery clerk or fastfood worker for the rest of her life, that's not for me.

    • There a lot of ways to have cheap and fun dates by the way.

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  • Ask yourself the same question.

    Would you be happy dating an unemployed man? If not, then your reasons would be exactly the same as men's.

    I doubt you'd enjoy constantly "helping him help himself".


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  • Nope, tried that. I always had to pay for EVERYTHING on dates, gets old real fast.

    • What if she has more than enough savings?

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    • @MaskedSanity, exactly. Plus, men have different preferences for women. Not all men want a traditional woman, I certainly don't. I don't want to marry someone who expects me to be the sole provider for a family, in fact I would feel a little embarrassed because I don't think my parents would be too happy that I married someone like that.

    • I saw the take. This is one guy voicing his personal opinion and even then, it's most likely what I described - the "strong independent womyn" type.

      Look what @Surfofthenomad just said and I agree with him. Some men are ultra traditional, but the vast majority of men I've met would prefer their women to be able to stand on her own two feet instead of him having to hold her hand throughout her financial life.

  • Yes, I would date an unemployed women. But why did you broke up with your friend the last time?

    • He broke up with me

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    • I don't want to look at my past

    • I suppose it is alright. Well, I have answered your question. Is there something else you want to talk about? :)

  • yes but don't date at a weak point


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