What made you become agnostic/athiest, and does it effect your relationships?

I'm agnostic and as I get older, I start to notice my preferences change, and I also realize it becomes a big deal to the person when my outlook on religion doesn't match theirs. So now I'd prefer to get to know someone who doesn't hold strong to any religious views.

In case you're wondering for my background, the reason I stopped believing in the Christian faith is because of the unrealistic limits it puts on individuals, the history of how it came to be after Jesus (it surprises me how the vast majority of Christians/Catholics, have no idea that a Pagan Roman named Constantine was the one who put the bible together), how much violence there has been in the name of God through out history and still today, and how the religion has/had slowed down a lot of scientific/social advancments (The religious group is still making strong strides to have an influence on the nation through politics). Ultimately I've felt a lot better with my sense of reality when I became agnostic, I believe there is a "God" because I think it's impossible to think that a being of some sort didn't create the Universe.

So tell me, how does it your non religious views effect your relationships, and how did you get your views to begin with?


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  • I never had religious views or any beliefs in a higher power or powers.
    It definitely effects my friendships and family relationships. There are people who, having found out I'm an atheist, just straight up don't want me in their lives anymore. There are others who gradually distanced themselves from me and there are others that actively try to convert me. Keep in mind some of these people have known me my whole life and know what kind of person I am so their reactions towards me are entirely illogical. I'm used to people not treating me the same way once they find out. I'm good at pretending to be religious if I have to be to get along with different types of people. Donning a mask has never been difficult for me to fit into different crowds.

    Then again I have great friends who are religious and great friends who are agnostic/atheists.

    Most of the time religion doesn't effect me in a negative way. The only time it can annoy me is when it tries to stifle scientific advancement or will straight up reject scientific advancements and discoveries. The other times is when it influences how I live my life through politics.


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  • Three generations of atheism in the family.
    My granddad lost his job because of it.
    We weren't welcome with the RC branch of the family. (A RC bishop there)

    I had trouble with two RC managers in the company because of it. (RC are the majority here)

  • I'm hesitant to date girls that are too religious. Even if they accepted me, I'd have to deal with their family.


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