Does dating get you down sometimes?

Most women won't understand or care but they can answer. I have trouble with girls. I can't approach them, don't know how to get one to like me, and I don't have any female friends. I have trouble relating to women period. The are dozens of pretty girls at my college I would like to approach but I have one problem. I am a very introverted private person. Everyday I think to myself tommorow is the day I am going to approach a woman. The next day comes and I go to school... I do nothing, wuss out, and go home alone. Repeat process. Also another problem is I believe that all the pretty women there are taken so that's another factor why I never approach girls. Someone could ask me to pet a lion, swim with a shark, or even pet a rattlesnake and I wouldn't be scared. But I can't even talk to a girl. I see guys who are obese and are dating gorgeous women and I can't even get one to find me attractive. I'll be honest.. it does get me down sometimes. I feel like I have nothing to offer women so I stay away from them. Any guy feel this way or felt this way?


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  • Try to more outgoing towards women.


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  • Alls you need it confidence.. Seriously thats it

    Next time you're at school.. Look at any women and don't attach yourself to her beauty or think of what itll be like dating her and the future.

    Also expect to be shot down to.. That way.. What have you got to lose? Nothing.. But you will gain out of the experience

    Or just simpally smile at her.. And see her reaction.. If its responsive then go for it but just don't attach yourself to anything

    Goodluck dude


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