How do I get him to take me seriously?

My boyfriend never takes my felings seriously because his ex was very emotionally abusive and dramatic. Just because I don't run up o him with a knife to my throat like she did doesn't mean I am not very sad and upset! I'm beginning to fall out of love with him and I don't know how to make him understand how serious I am about wanting to resolve severally issues with him because if we don't I'm going to end up leaving him and I don't want that to happen. I'm just tired of being brushed off and not really listened to. He just can't see how unhappy I am and how sad I've been!


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  • When you meet him next tell him your feelings and if he's still distant leave cause then you know he won't be there for you.


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  • Okay...

    You need to realize that how you react emotionally and how he reacts emotionally are two separate things. Just because you are upset about something doesn't mean he has to be. And just because he doesn't show any emotion doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. He may just not see the importance in getting upset over something.

    If you want to be emotional, then be emotional. If you don't like that he doesn't cater to your emotions, then maybe you should find someone else who is just as emotional as you are.

    • That'a not even the issue here, the issue is that I am trying to ask for changes that will improve our relationship and he just brushes it off like nothing. I should be able to discuss things like adults with my boyfriend.

    • Him not wanting to try his best when I am trying my absolutely hardest for him is what is making me sad, if he put in a little more effort I would not be upset. I am jus asking for the bear minimum here!

  • What does he do that bothers you so much? just curious.

    • He ignores me, is very cold towards me, argues about everything when it's totally unnecessary. Stupid shit like I will mention a random fact and he with disagree with it and won't stop talking until I say he's right. I can't even mention something interesting I learned in class because he will have to try and prove me wrong. I don't even argue back but he just goes on and on to try and piss me off. He's only nice to me at 2 in the morning when he's woken me up wanting to stick his face between my legs for a while and then have sex with me, he ignores me and is cold in every other situation. I'm just certain at this point that he doesn't love me or care about me at all since he only says "I love you" when I'm naked.

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    • I feel like no matter how many points I wanted to bring up you would take his side simply because he's male and I am female, but that's okay that's what I expected. Of course you can't think subjectively every man on this site hates women or has a bias against us. I know I don't own him and now I certainly don't because I broke up with him. He liked to start arguments about anything to get attention is what I was getting at, his best friend dropped him at the same time I did because he completely agreed with me that my ex is an argumentative, self absorbed, man-child who isn't worth our time. I think you may have a similar personality to my ex so I would watch it, he's lost some friends from his behaviour as well not just his girlfriend. And the friends he's lost are MALE... people you would actually value.

    • I don't appreciate your fucking attitude, bitch

      And no, I haven't lost my friends.

      I know what I'm talking about, you just can't see what I'm saying, because you're a woman

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