Is this guy a controlling psycho? Or, do guys have this weird habit of putting a claim on a girl just because they are attracted to her?

This guy has come to my job a few times, and I have never shown interest in him even though he's expressed interest in me. He's given me a weird vibe since the day I met him. Now he stopped me the other day as I was trying to buy some food, and I flat told him that I was not giving him my number, and I wanted no part of a relationship. He peristed, and when I asked him what part of no did he not understand... he told me he doesn't take rejection well. (not my problem) Before this, we had a sort of miniature conversation, cause he wasn't really causing chaos in the store, and when I told him I lived with someone he got mad and demanded to know who it was... I mean, what reason does he have to get mad when we are not a couple and I barely know him...
Thanks everyone. :)


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  • Ask him to stop coming around, talk to your boss, and if it gets worse, tell him you;ll call the police if he continues to harass you.

    • Or have a guy-friend (or whom your living with?) talk to him.

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  • Not cool get rid of him even if the courts have to get involved.


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  • Weirdo lmao.
    File a complaint for verbal harassment.
    I've known a few guys/girls like that; they were psychos 😂


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