So is it possible she's still interested?

Okay so I basically just wanna see what you guys think before I asked her out. See me and my friends formed a pact where if one of us asked a girl out then the rest of would within two weeks. It's supposed to serve as a motivator for everyone to JUST DO IT.

Anyways I started talking to this girl in March or more accurately she started talking to me. I got her number pretty soon after we started talking. We hit it off over Spring Break and texted each other a lot. Well in early April there was this Spring Social and she asked if I was going, I said I was unless I got sick. With my luck I fell ill a few days prior to the dance.

When I came back to school she asked if I was doing any better and I said yes then walked away. Apparently she wanted to have a conversation and she felt rejected because of me doing this. We didn't talk for two weeks before she texted me again. After then it's been pretty awkward with texting being pretty sparse. In May I found out that she had liked me through my mom (my mom and this girls aunt are friends, and she's pretty close to her aunt) but I made her feel rejected.

I texted her in June apologizing for walking away, and she said it was okay but I should have apologized in person. I texted her again in July wishing her a happy birthday, and she texted the next day sending a picture of her schedule and asked if we had any classes together. Upon finding we have history together she seemed enthused but I dunno. We've started talking again since then but it's been rather sparse.

Since school has started I've caught her looking at me a few times and she seems to play with her hair a lot during the class we share. Additionally I've seen her friends looking at me and then her as well. But I dunno if this means anything.

Could she still be interested after all this time?


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  • Yes, she probably likes you. If you like her, I'd ask her out. Even if you didn't know for sure, why should that stop you?

    • Well I'm probably gonna have to do it. One of my friends is planning to ask someone else out and shoehorn the rest of us into doing it, lol. I just wanted an opinion to judge my chances before taking the plunge.

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