My date called me a slob?

He asked me out I agreed. We went to Sonic's I ordered a small strawberry shortcake, burger and a fry. I offered to split the bill but he said it was okay.
I forgot to bring mints but I didn't think he mind my stinky breath (his wasn't perfect either). I went to the bathroom there was food all over my face and food in my teeth and he didn't tell me.
When he walked me home I stopped at McDonald's to get two burgers, large fry, ice cream and two apple pies (it wasn't only for me).
He said he didn't think such a small person could eat a lot. I shrugged. I've been hearing rumours he called me a slob. :(


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  • You didn't say that he commented on your breath, but in case he did... Did you at least brush your teeth before you went out? Your breath shouldn't be an issue if you did. He has no right to complain because I doubt he was popping breath mints either.

    Going out to Sonics and then stopping at McDonalds on the way home doesn't look good for anyone. That's a lot of fast food going into your system, even if you only ate half of the McDonalds stuff. I'm not saying it's a lot of food in general, it's just not the healthiest stuff. I don't think you're a slob though, so shame on him if he's saying that (if the rumors are true). Small people can often eat nearly as much as larger/taller people anyway, so that comment from him was pretty lame and definitely not something women want to hear.

    I'd just ignore this guy.

    • I brushed my teeth ofc. :) yeah but I don't get to eat a lot so I feel up when I can.

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  • rumours have been know to destroy a lot of relationships. don't let a few rumours ruin everything. unless you really heared him call you a slob.

  • He sounds really...


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  • that's a lot of fast food in one date but i wouldn't hold it against someone.

    about the food on face, try to be more aware. it can be hard but maybe use your phone (reflection on black screen) at least to check.

  • Lol he sounds like a fuckass. Eh drop him


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