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I'm 24 and i got my own business. I never went to college. I make 80-130k a year. I been running my business for 3 years (clothes). It hasn't been easy. Sometimes i even only get 4 hours of sleep due to working on my site. I have a cousin he's 21 & we always hang out. He's the opposite of me. He works t-mobile and goes to college (wannabe thug). The thing with this cousin is he always brings me down. I will give you examples but there's more. He will go like "Don't you wish you can go to college and make a career to be future proof". He's always asking "how's business?" (i just stare at him thinking ugh good). He once told me "You need to loose weight or no girl will bang you". I also bought myself a 80k 2015 benz. He started talking smack once he saw the price tag like "Oh too expensive only a fool would buy that" while he rides the bus to school. He's one of those dudes who thinks he's hot stuff because he goes to college. One time he said "Get off that computer for one second and go chase some girls since i know you don't get laid often". I just reply to him like "Dude you work 9 hours a day and you get bossed around then you still need go to school for a decade before your like me" and all he say's is "wait till i get out of college you'll see who's king and your just a hater you know i'm be a king soon".

I call him "college thug" to piss him off. I just want to get your opinion who's the hater? Keep in mind he asks this questions 24/7


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  • He kind of sounds jealous to me. You have what he wants to have. Ignore it because he's going to get over it eventually.


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  • He is of course. I don't know where you are from, but here in Europe, having a degree doesn't mean you have a sure ticket to getting a job, not at all. They keep asking fro more specific things, and experience is very important (which you acquire after getting a job, so lol, I guess i'll never find a decent job). I have big respect for you, you without a degree started your own business, with ups and downs you learned your craft, you are making big money (at least that's what it seems like to me). 80k-130k profit a year is a lot in my opinion. I guess with all the effort and stress that having your own business brings along, you are doing pretty well. Your cousin is just an idiot who will start crying when shits hit the fan when he needs to handle real responsibility.


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  • You're both haters.

  • Mmmmm i don't believe you.


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