Why do guys get jealous so easily?

My boyfriend has a problem he gets jealous EXTREMELY easily if I even mention a celebrity he says well I thought I was babe or something else like that and he asked me which celeb I would "do" if I could just once and when he found out he turned red and got really really upset? What is his problem and is it justified? Guys do you get jealous and how do I stop his jealousy?


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  • If a man love you or likes you or have strong feelings for you and your talking things with other guys... I'd be jealous too. We feel your mind is on other guys and we know how that goes. One thing may lead to another. So though you have fantasy and I'm quite sure he does too. Pay mind to his concern. If he was looking at other woman's ass, watching porn, or checking chicks in magazines and said girl you know your the only one I want. You know you can't take him seriously. And shall ain't going to take his word. So think about what about how you make situation better rather than saying omg the jealous factor.


What Girls Said 1

  • it has to do with their ego.


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