How to tell him I'm leaving in a drama free way?

I was super excited to move in with my boyfriend but then he sort of put me on the spot and guilted me into letting his friend live with us. which meant I was getting a lot less privacy... and sex with my boyfriend (lol) than I originally thought. I tried to be positive for a long time but now it's just too much. His friend chainsmokes and rarely even goes out on the balcony (it's a small two person apartment) even though I have bad asthma, and I caught his friend with a pair of my panties in his room sticking out from under his pillow which made me feel really violated and dissrespected. I don't even really feel safe in my own home since he did such a creepy thing and my boyfriend defended him saying "maybe it was accidentally in with his laundry? which made me really mad that my own boyfriend won't belive me. The main issue is that I have no quiet study space for myself because once the library closes I have to go home to study. My boyfriend and his friend started livestreaming games and they scream and shout at the tv at all hours of the night so I can't concentrate or even sleep when I need to. It's effecting my grades and at this point a boyfriend who doesn't really seem to give a shit is WAAAY less important than doing well in universiy! I have found a basement suite in a nice old ladie's house and she is letting me bring my cat so I won't be completely alone! I just don't know how to tell my boyfriend without causing drama, I don't exactly want to break up I just can't live in that shithole any more! The problem is that the bed, dishes, table, T. V., fan, desk, utensils, blender, pots and pans, toaster, coffee maker, bedding, vaccum, and most of the things in the apartment are mine. They were either purchased with my money or by my family for me, so I have to take them when my dad comes to help me move and I feel bad to leave them with basically nothing too. But I asked nicely for compromises or even a little consideration a million times and I have to do what's best for me now. I can't breathe there, study there, or sleep there! I'm a wreck at school and I need to be my best!!


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  • Just say what you just told us.

    • I'm afraid I will lose my temper when I do talk to him though I just feel like they used me like a doormat. Do you think I could email him it or something that gives me time to cool off before I reply again or is that weird?

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