How can you keep a long distance relationship going?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for four months now and I really like him! school is starting back up and he moved about 40 minutes away and I will only be able to see him maybe once a week. what are some things I can do to make sure it's relationship for does not fail since we can barely see eachother


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  • i personally would do long distance relationship because i need attention from him quite often..

    But it can work sometimes plus you still see each other once a week, which is the thing many couple are doing even they live in the same city... so not that bad...

  • Skype? My best friend lives and hour away from me and in another state, but we Skype and text everyday (not right now because we are both busy with college crap), but still our friendship is still alive and kicking. We haven't let a little distance keep us away from each other. Honestly, your best bet is Skype. Text each other once in a while too and just ask how their day has been. Or call in the afternoon for a quick chat. Just remind them that you are still alive, haha, and that you care enough to take some time out of your day to talk to them no matter how hectic it is.


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