Guys do you really like when girls go after you honestly?

I used to be very shy about showing that I liked someone but as I have gotten older I have definitely become more brave. But, I still notice that when I show interest in a guy and ask him out he doesn't seem as interested even though supposedly he is. It's almost like guys become lazy and don't put as much effort into dating.

So I am curious... Guys would you rather be the traditional male and take charge, go after the girl, and "woo" her? Or are there times when you do like it when a girl goes after you?


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  • Finally the type of girl I want to find me. Yes we want ya girls to approach us because guys are shy too and also ya send mix signals. there's nothin wrong for women to "woo the guy" as well. It is flattering and shows that you want us then sending mix signals. Can you answer my question I just posted "Ladies, please help! How do I get my crush" I just posted a few minutes ago.

    • Not really sure which question is yours since you're anonymous...

      But, here is my deal. I guess because I've been burned in the past for taking the initiative I am now hesitant to show interest in this new guy. We met at a party two weekends ago. He was really sweet with me and spent most of the evening hanging out with me. He told me I was beautiful and was really just gentlemanly with everything he did/said. Well, at the end of the party, I was sitting at a table with a friend when this other guy came up to us and was trying to impress us. The other guy I was talking to kept walking by and looking at us. I kind of wanted to ask him to join us so the annoying guy would leave me alone. My friend and I walked away from the annoying guy and then I couldn't find the guy I was interested in. I had deactivated my FB account but I got back on about a week after the party. He added a few of my friends on there so I added him. We haven't spoken on FB yet. Not sure how I should handle this?

    • Sorry I didn't answer your question sooner but I recommend send him a message even just the word "Hi" and see what he says.

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  • i think they do!


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  • If I'm interested in the girl, she can certainly go after me. Usually, I've done the chasing initially, with reciprocation occurring shortly afterwards. Without the reciprocation, the chasing gets old quickly, at least for me it does.

  • I wish girls did this more. Forget about "chasing." If you like someone, why not go up to them and tell them you're interested?

    Even if I don't like her back, I'll be flattered and respect her way more than playing hard to get.


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