What should I do?

I'm going military soon. A girl at work has been flirting with me and is clearly interested in me.

I like her too and I think she's really cute. Though, I don't wanna start something then just leave so I've ignored all her advances.

I really wanna give it a chance, but it doesn't seem very smart to get into a relationship right before leaving for half a year. Any advice is welcome, thanks.


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  • not a good idea to get in a relationship right now.


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  • I joined the Army when I was 17. I'd say give her a chance. When you're in the military, a woman at home to give you something to think about can get you through those long days in training, and someone to call.

    • The thing is I only have about a month left before I ship out and that doesn't seem like enough time to build a decent enough relationship to make it through 6 months of little contact.

      It seems to me like my choices are either ignore her or just use her as a quick fling but I don't wanna be a douchebag.


    • I think you should go for it. It will be a good experience, will help with getting through training, and may be good for her too. How does she feel about this? She may want to go for it too, and would be willing to go the 6 months of limited contact. Give her a say on this. It sounds like you are willing to go for it. She may be as well. Make it a mutual decision.

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