Why did my girl do a "test" on me, does she not trust me or something? Do you girls do this to your boyfriend?

So me and my girlfriend been dating for 2 months. Now today i got a bit mad when she did this. Me her and her bestfriend was chilling. we went to a restuarant. When my girlfriend went to the washroom, her best friend started saying she liked me and like said i should be going out with her. I quickly told her to stop and i was going to tell my girlfriend. So when my girlfriend came back i told her then she started to laught and then said "awwww you passed the test".

I got a bit mad when she said it cause i feel she has no trust in me. She texted me but i did not text back.

What do you think about this?


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  • i think she's had a rough past with her ex boyfriends and she didn't want to get hurt again you should probably do a test on her aswell so she knows how you feel or if you dont like that idea you should probably tell her how you feel

    • hey we're over that now. It was 2 months ago haha.

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  • If she trusted you then she wouldn't feel the need to test you.

    • i know that's i'm mad about it. i told her i was mad and she said she was sorry and wanted to talk to me tomorrow

    • For me that is a big red flag and possibly even a total deal breaker. But that's probably because I'm older and I no longer have time for those kind of games.

      And just because you "passed" this test doesn't mean that she now completely 100% trusts you. This only means that she trusts you until her trust issues and insecurity comes up again and she feel she needs to do another test. Like looking in your phone, create fake accounts and spy on you online, and the list goes on.

      Things like this is not an indication of a healthy relationship.

    • I will tell her about all of this and be serious with her

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  • I hate shady tests like that... I relationship shouldn't have them just makes the party involved not trust worthy... I hate games so yes you have every right to be pissed off I'd be pretty mad too.

    • Ok, thanks. i told her i was mad and she said she was sorry and wanted to talk to me tomorrow

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    • Lolol my memory is horrible. But that's great to hear!

    • she remebers our very first date i was late to pick her up lol, it's not big deal but she likes to tease me about it XD and my memory is fading lol

  • really bad... tell her what you feel.. you deserve an apology

    • i told her i was mad and she said she was sorry and wanted to talk to me tomorrow

    • then nothing else you can do..
      i definitely wouldn't respect or like her as much as i used to... but your choice..

    • Well i will talk to her about it, i kinda lost a little respect for her, not going to lie

  • How old is she?

    • 20, same as me. i told her i was mad and she said she was sorry and wanted to talk to me tomorrow

    • that is just very childish

    • I talked to her and she apologized. She said she didn't want her heart broken like it was int he past, she was pretty sorry about it

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  • i think you should talk it out at first see how is her response, "why do you need to test me" or some sort.
    don't go mad house on her first.


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